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Stacking Plastic Chairs - Plastic Stacking Chairs

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PL61 Plastic Stacking Chairs

Prices - ex VAT - before transport
250+ 150-249 80-149
11.16 11.35 11.64
  Polypropylene Chairs Lead-time 3-4 weeks Stacks 20 high

The lightly textured Polypropylene chairs are produced to the highest quality and are also supplied in a number of colours. They are molded to the shape of a comfortable seating position giving correct body posture.

Width: 490mm  Depth: 495mm  Seat Width: 440mm
Size 1: Seat Height: 430mm Overall Height: 725mm
Size 2: Seat Height: 460mm Overall Height: 755mm

Available in 15 colours:
Red Green Petrol Blue Burgundy Charcoal
Light Grey Brown Black Beige White Orange
Hi Green Hi Blue Yellow Purple

Frame colours: black, dark grey, light grey, smooth silver.

This chair meets EN1729 parts 1 & 2 requirements and can be stacked with great stability up to 20 seats high.

Options - ex VAT (price to be added to chair price above)
Seat Pad Seat Pad & Back Writing Tablet Top Bar Link Tubular Link
8.45 13.65 19.50 3.25 1.95

Yellow  Beige Black

Hi Blue with Light Grey Frame Brown Burgundy
Charcoal Hi Green White
Orange  Petrol Blue  Purple 

Red Light Grey Green

Can stack up to 20 High Writing Tablet and Tubular Linking Silver Frame, Tablet & Tubular Linking

Seat Pad - many colours available Seat & back pad - many colours available